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Welcome to G&G Coaching blog!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

I am Gursharan Kaur, the founder of G&G Coaching. Welcome to my first blog! I was amazed at how many of you wanted me to start writing a #blog :) It's always interesting when people think you have an interesting life and by default, will have interesting things to share.

I am a mama of four little humans and I am passionate about enabling others to live an intentional and meaningful life through #Mindset and #Empowerment Coaching. I was pre-med in College and on the track to become a Doctor. However, a de-tour promised to be more optimistic and I decided to study #Psychology and Child Development instead! Pre-written destiny carried me across the pond and before I realised, now I have been working in #healthcare for over 20years! Gosh, that makes me feel old, but as they say age is just a number right?

Once upon a time, I was a #singleparent to two little humans. Whilst my family was across the pond, I was extremely lucky and blessed to receive an abundance of love, help and support from those that had become family and friends over the decade that I had lived in England. This phase of my life helped me to discover myself, find my #strengths, create a firm belief in the whole-hearted practice of #Gratitude, stand firmly back on my feet and connect with my #core as I had never connected before. I recognised what was in my #locusofcontrol, accepted what was not in my control and navigated this period with #Grace. I connected with my #InnerSelf and realised that I had what it needs to raise my beautiful children. I learnt how to believe in my Creator and myself, and #surrendered completely. I had complete #faith that my Beloved will always hold my hand, show me the way and me and my little humans will always be looked after.

What unfolded there-after was the #newbeginning. A new begining of the new me.

I am a firm believer in living #intentionally and #consciousparenting. A few years ago, I discovered my life purpose in Coaching and the Universe also aligned my professional work to complement the #Coaching with #Consultancy. I am passionate about supporting my clients re-align their lives through Mindset and Empowerment Coaching and in my professional role, support my professional clients as a Principal Consultant.

When you #Align your #Intetions with your #Purpose, truly magnificent things unfold.

Welcome to De-cluttered Life and De-cluttered Motherhood- G&G Coaching style!

To receive my blogs directly in your inbox, you are invited to subscribe to my mailing list at ps. What themes would you like me to cover in the future editions- all suggestions welcome, but no guarantees :) After all, there are no guarantees in life. It helps to discover what truly brings us joy!

Much Love,


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