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I have been helping clients overcome limiting beliefs, develop growth mindset, discover their self-worth and re-ignite their passion to help align their intention with their purpose.  Here are some of the client experiences with my Coaching services.
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I had recently started a new job and after the honeymoon period I found myself with mountains of mom guilt, feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I was on an emotional rollercoaster and everything was a trigger to opening floodgate of tears. I had no idea how I had let these feelings take over my confidence and mental state.  

I reached out to Gursharan and booked a discovery session. I instantly felt I was in a safe space and poured out everything. We worked through previous experiences that had led to suppressed emotions and how these were contributing to my current experience and build-up of emotions. 

By the end of this 1 hour, I had so much clarity and a clear mental space to understand my purpose and felt excited to discover my potential.  

Rupi Ghuman

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